Thank you for visiting my “home on the web”. I hope you like the photographs I make.

Photography happened to me almost 10 years ago. The passion grew so fast and so much that I finally took it up full time and started shooting everything and anything, and eventually got into Wedding photography. I love to shoot people. The human emotions intrigue me and photography gives me a chance to document them perfectly. Wedding photography gives me the opportunity to capture people in various states of emotions. I see them happy, rejoicing, sentimental, sad and going through so much more during the various ceremonies and rituals at a wedding.

I find being able to help the couple relive their special day through my photos and films highly rewarding. I strongly believe that its always an honour and privilege to be a part of someone’s wedding.

I am an ex-Indian Army Major. After I completed my Bachelor of Science degree I joined the Indian Military Academy and got commissioned in the Punjab Regiment (The oldest Infantry Regiment) after completing 18 months of training. I served at various locations for 12 years. I am married. My beautiful better-half inspires and encourages me to shoot and she sometimes assists me during the photo shoots as well.

I love to meet people and make friends! I get so much to learn and experience, and I feel this helps me ‘grow’ as an individual. I strongly believe that the photograph is partially a reflection of the person being photographed but mostly, a reflection of the chap behind the camera. It reflects the nature, the experiences, the interpersonal skills and so much more about the photographer. Therefore, I am what my photographs are!

Apart from photographing and filming, I love playing musical instruments, singing, composing and recording music. Music has been a very integral part of my life right from my childhood.

Thanks again for visiting my “home on the web”.